Worship is not commitment Joel Thomasraj Worship

Joel Thomasraj Worship in ACA Avadi [ Worship is not commitment ]

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What is true worship?
True worship comes by love. not by commitment. Today we make commitment with god to worship. Some times our commitment forgot love. Commitment does not make true worship. Our love only can make true worship. Do not go to church for pastor.

Do no go to church for your parents. Go to church for his love. Show your love before god. Love him. Before you love him he died for you. Worship him with love. God Bless you Amen.

About Thomasraj
Joel Thomasraj is well-known best worship leader. Joel Thomasraj is the youth minister in his church ACA Avadi. Joel Thomasraj Worship is always inspiring us. He always worship God with full of his strength and mind. Very presence full worship leader.

Joel Thomasraj Worship
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