May Month Promise Message Bro Mohan C Lazarus

Promise Message Bro Mohan C Lazarus | May 2018

Promise Message Bro Mohan C Lazarus
God will lead you in his way. Do not be afraid about anything.God is with you. God is always with you. If you are in trouble, trust in our lord Jesus Christ.
Your life style will change after watch this video.

God Has given Time
Our God has given time to us. but we do not give time to god. Many people says that I do not have enough time to read bible. Some people will say no time to do pray.

Lord is the best Preacher
He will teach you. He will preach you. The bible says God will not leave you alone. He will teach you that how to face problems in your life. He will lead you in right directions at right time. Just wait in his presence. His presence will lead you in your tough situations. But we should do one thing.

What is that ? We should obey word of god. God has given his words through bible. When you read bible god will speak with you.

About Bro Mohan C Lazarus
Mohan C Lazarus is well-known preacher in india. Bro. Mohan C. Lazarus was brought up according to the staunch religious tradition of his family. The inculcation was such that, he used to have combative arguments with those who spoke about Jesus. His feeble mind could equate Jesus only with Buddha and Gandhi and not more than that.

Promise Message Bro Mohan C Lazarus

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