Pastor Jacob Koshy Testimony Message

Pastor Jacob Koshy Testimony Video

Pastor Jacob Koshy Testimony tell us a inspiring Message to us. In this testimony video, he share about his childhood days and how they did ministries in their suffering. This Testimony Tell about his mother and how she brought her children to ministry. In Jacob Koshy’s school days they were poor. They had not the money to pay their school fees.

But faith of his mother she never borrowed from any one, for their need. She prayed to god, lived in faith and paid all her children’s school fees. Jacob koshy’s mother never debt from any one in their lifespan. The prayer of his mother bring the children to this status.
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So dear mothers please prayer for your children. Pray for their future. Surly god credits your prayer he lift the degree of your children life. They can claim victory in all sector by your prayer so love your children and spend your valuable time with your precious children god has given to you.

Your prayer will bring salvation. Your prayer will bring victory. Your Prayer will bring peace. Above All your prayer will save you into his grace.

pastor jacob koshy testimony

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