Muzhuval Meaning John Jebaraj Song

Muzhuval Meaning John Jebaraj Song

Meaning of the  Muzhuval is perfect love.

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Muzhuval comes in pastor John jebaraj song

This word Muzhuval comes in pastor John jebaraj song. A few months back, he released a song about love of Jesus Christ. In this song, John Jebaraj used Tamil traditional words like Muzhuval, Asathanam, Asathuru, Asalai, Nasinaigal, thalayazhi etc., this words dose not known by this generation people. In this song pastor John jebaraj has sung with an Indian Carnatic and playback singer Anuradha Sriram.
I Corinthians 13:8 Says Love never fails. But where there are prophecies, they will cease; where there are tongues, they will be stilled; where there is knowledge, it will pass away. lets see the meaning of the Muzhuval and all other words in muzhuval song.

Bible Says About Love [ Muzhuval ]

Bible Says whether there are tongues, they will cease. Everything will vanish away. But there is one thing which will never fail. That is the love of God.

Pastor John Jebaraj Keeping this in his mind, he decided to compose a song about love of god, that is the song Muzhuval. In Tamil,there are many words for the word 'love'. There are different types of love and we express everything saying "I Love You". But there are different words to express different types of love. The word 'Muzhuval' is one of those words. In this song, he used different words which are identical to the word 'love'. The word 'Muzhuval' is the subject of the song. The word 'Muzhuval' means, the fullness of love.


Meaning of Christmas

Christmas is all about the lord coming down to our level. When john jebaraj was thinking about it, john jebaraj said, "We are not able to love you in the way you expect. "From the old testament, we can understand that people were never able to do what god expected. So he was willing to come down to our standard to come down to our standard and give his life for us. So the Muzhuval means, complete love. The fullness love. Human love will change, but the love which god has for us will never change. This is the fullness of love.

Story of the Muzhuval song

The lyricists will have a main theme for the song that they compose. When a christian lyricist composes a song, He will get the theme of the song when he prays or reads the bible. Pastor John Jebaraj believe that the same thing has happened here. Whenever he read the bible the very thing that he see is the love of god. Let us take one such incident from the bible.
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Agape Love Muzhuval John Jebaraj Song

There was a conversation between the lord Jesus Christ and apostle peter. Jesus Christ was sitting beside peter. Jesus asks him, Do you love me? He answered yes i love you. Again, He asked, do you love me? He asked him the question for the third time and peter says,"Yes, I love you," Here, the Tamil word for love is 'Nesam'. The old testament was written in Hebrew and the new testament was written in Greek. In Greek, the love which the Jesus asked from him and the love which peter had for him were different. Let me explain this. In the Greek bible, the lord Jesus asks in Greek, there are two types of love. The first one is 'Agape Love'. The other one is 'Phileo Love'. Agape love means divine or godly love Agape love is the love which god has for us.  'Phileo love' is the love which people have for each Other.


Difference Between Agape Love and Phileo Love

There is difference between agape love and phileo love. Agape love is stable. It will stand firm. Phileo love is not stable. It will keep changing. You know that. When the lord was speaking to peter, He asked, "Do you agape me?" Jesus expected the agape love from him. Peter says, "I phileo you." The English bible says that the lord asked him, "Do you love me?" Peter says, "I just like you." So the love of god is above the human love. Jesus asked him for the third time. This really touched my heart because, He came down to his standard. He asked him,"Do you phileo me?" Peter says, "You know everything". The lord understood that he could never give him the kind of love that he expects from him. He just came down to his standard to get that love. Phileo love is the human love.

Meaning of Asathuru

Asathuru means Friend ( Sathuru means enemy. So Asathuru means freind. )

Meaning of Asalai

Asalai Means unshakeble love

Meaning of Nasinaigal

Nasinaigal means Repairs

Meaning of Thalayazhi

Thalayazhi is another dimension of love.

Meaning of Asadam

Asadam means useless. I was rejected because i was useless.

Meaning of Asatai

Asatai means Rejected

Meaning of Asaram

Asaram means the hand which holds everything Came to Carry me.

Meaning of Thaniyaa

Thaniyaa means Unquenchable it can't be decreased

Meaning of Thatpam

Thatpam means It is the kind of love which embraces us [ father's love ]

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