Living Testimony Gabriel Thomasraj Message

Living Testimony by Gabriel Thomasraj

Living Testimony
Pastor Gabriel Thomasraj share a living testimony in his message. This living testimony will turn you to trust in god. This is true incident happened in Gabriel Thomasraj’s church. Do not feel about your feature. Your feature is in God’s hand.

God will lead you in right direction at perfect time. Wait for that time. God will lift you. He will never leave you alone. God will use you to many people. But we should do one thing. We should wait in his presence for his time.

David was always singing and praising god. But the day has come. God make him as a king of Israel. Day will come wait for that. Never give up. There is no victory without fight. God will fight for us, but We should stand on Battle field. David went battle field to meet Goliath. God brought victory to Israel through David.

Living Testimony

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