A Little Boy Saved 700 passengers Augustine Jebakumar Message

Augustine Jebakumar Message tell us a true story about love of christ

This Augustine Jebakumar Message explains love of our Jesus Christ. He explains a true inspiring story for to know love of our Jesus Christ. Augustine Jebakumar Message always comes with two stories. One is from bible and another one is from our real life. In this message, he tell us a story about a little boy and he saved many souls. This is real story happened in India.

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About Augustine Jebakumar
Augustine Jebakumar is the well-known missionary in India. He is the founder of GEMS Ministries. His Message always give warning to us. He always preaching about fear of god and love of god.
He is the one of the best preacher in India.

Pray For GEMS Ministries
We should pray for our leaders and their ministries. because they are doing that what we did not do. So please pray for Brother Augustine Jebakumar and GEMS Ministries Bihar. When you pray for others god will take care of your problems. Prayer is the best weapon to attack Devil. Do not forget to pray for our spiritual leaders like brother Augustine Jebakumar. God bless you.

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