Let’s Come To New Version Gersson Edinbaro Message

Let’s Come To New Version Gersson Edinbaro Message

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God want us to use new pattern but we are still Stucking in our old pattern. Pastor Gersson Edinbro shows the example in Moses’s life.

When Israelite need water in the desert, Moses asked to god, and god answered to Moses that beat the mountain with stick.

See friends,
we have seen mobile phone with stick before touch mobiles .But our awesome god has created this technique in period of Moses. what a great god he is.

Moses obeyed word of God. Then they got water. After that now again people want water. Again Moses asked to god. Now god answered him that speak with mountain.

Now god has upgraded the version on smart phone from stick to touch sensor smart phone with voice recognition technology. Now god is using the voice recognition technology. But Moses still using phone with stick.

Just like we are using voice search in google, android mobile. Steve jobs introduce the apple iPhone with voice recognition technology.

So friends listen to the god voice everyday he expecting us to do new thing. But still we are doing the same old thing. That’s the reason for delaying in our blessings. So everyday we should start with new creation with new things in presence of god.

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