Jeba Geetham Lyrics John Jebaraj

jeba geetham lyrics john jebaraj

About Jeba Geetham
Song Name Jeba Geetham
Lyrics, tune & composed by Pastor John Jebaraj
Sung by Pas.Sammy Thangiah & Pas.John Jebaraj
Special thanks to Apostle Paul Thangiah & FGAG
Music arranged & produced by Isaac D

Jeba Geetham Dedicated to FGAG Church
Jeba geetham song Dedicated to FGAG church to the non-stop prayer movement crossing 365 days. sung by john jebaraj & samy.

jeba geetham lyrics john jebaraj

About John Jebaraj
John Jebaraj is a well-known worship leader, lyricists, singer, and musician. He was born to a Muslim mother and Christian father. He found God’s love and salvation at the age of 17. He offered his Life to Him. This world rejected him but our god never rejected Pastor John jebaraj. Today John jebaraj’s life testifies the abounding love and endless mercies of God our Father.

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