Gersson Edinbaro Message Show Your Weakness To The Lord English Message

Gersson Edinbaro Message in English

Message Title : Show Your Weakness To The Lord

Message From : Pastor Gersson Edinbaro

Gersson Edinbaro Message is very inspirational message forever.
Gersson Edinbaro is an anointed young preacher empowered to minister a life changing message.

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Message Description
In This Message Gersson tell a secret in christian life. It is very difficult to show your weakness to someone. Yes, It is true one. But you should not shy to show your weakness in front of god. Do not say your weakness to any one. Say your weakness to lord. Because he has made you. He knew everything about you. When you say that “Lord This is my Weakness”, My lord will will take care of you. He will give solutions to your problems.

Watch this video and know more about god. Show your weakness to lord. God will do great things in your life.

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