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Gersson Edinbaro Biography

Gersson edinbaro is the son of a pastor in Coimbatore. When Gersson’s father doing ministries in Valparai, he was dying. After fathers’s death Gersson did not know that what to do without his father. The god called him to do continue his father’s ministries. At the situation Gersson obeyed the word of god. according to god’ plan he took over his father’s ministries. He was starting to write songs. He released his first album KING DAVID. The god gave him songs about healing, holy spirit and god’s grace. After that he released an album NEERAE.
NEERAE Volume 1 came with amazing concept. He has sung songs with praise and worship. That praise and worship touched thousands of people. People felt presence of God on neerae songs. Many people were healed. Many people were dedicated their life to Jesus. God get started use him to the nations. NEERAE vol 1 brought revolution among worldwide Tamil Christians. Especially Kirbaya Nilai Nirkindro and Yehova devanuku songs were reached each and every village in tamilnadu. They praised and worshipped God through NEERAE songs.

gersson edinbaro | edinbaro ministries

Founder Of Edinbaro Ministries
Gersson Edinbaro is founder of edinbaro ministries. Gersson Edinbaro is an anointed preacher and empowered to minister a life changing message. The God has been using edinbaro in the areas of deliverance, healing, anointing and impartation. Gersson Edinbaro’s enthusiasm for Lord’s kingdom is apparent in his preaching and it triggers a brand new passion for the Lord in the hearts of the listeners. Gersson, together with his wife Angelina continues to carry the power of the gospel to many countries in helping believers discover their destiny, purpose and authority and is attracting many souls for Christ!

Dear friends,
When you obey word of god, god will lift you like Gersson Edinbaro. Sometimes you may deny the word of god. You may deny god’s plan in your life. You may go far from his love. But still the god is waiting to do his desire through you. Yes God is waiting for you. God will do great things in your life. Amen!

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