No Accidents in Christian’s Life David Goliath Gersson Message

David Goliath Gersson Message

There is no accidents in christian’s life
It’s no accident you are where you are. Even if you got there because of an accident. God has a perfect plan and there are no accidents with him. The family you were born into was no accident. The country you live in, the language you speak, the friends you have, your weaknesses, mistakes you have made, poor decisions—none of them are accidents to God.

david goliath gersson message

God has perfect plan for your life. Everything happens in you life is incident not an accident. In Davis’s life God already planned about fight against Goliath. But David did not know the God’s plan. If you need victory in your life you should meet fight against you. It may be a problem like Goliath. God will help you to overcome Goliath in your life. Before that you should be ready to face problem in your life. There is no victory without battle.

Do no afraid about any problems like Goliath. When god is with you no one can beat you. Go to the battle in the name of Jesus Christ. Victory will follow you in your life. Think now you are in battle, but battle is not your’s. God will do fight for you. But you should stand in battle.

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