Pastor Jacob Koshy Family

Pastor Jacob Koshy Family. In this video pastor koshy shares about his family.

pastor jacob koshy family

About Pastor jacob koshy wife and chrildren [ Jacob Koshy Family ]
Pastor Jacob Koshy’s Wife and his two children. Pastor Jacob koshy had two children. Elder daughter name Shara Koshy. Younger son name name Benjamin Koshy. God may bless Pastor Jacob Koshy and his family.

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Pastor Jacob Koshy Testimony Message

Pastor Jacob Koshy Testimony Video

Pastor Jacob Koshy Testimony tell us a inspiring Message to us. In this testimony video, he share about his childhood days and how they did ministries in their suffering. This Testimony Tell about his mother and how she brought her children to ministry. In Jacob Koshy’s school days they were poor. They had not the money to pay their school fees.
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