Amazing Grace Cruz Biography Christian Artist

Amazing Grace Cruz biography

Amazing Grace Cruz is an young christian female artist. She is a Very Passionate singer for Christ. Amazing Grace Cruz was raised in a house with over 70 girls. She has learned to live, love and speak for a broken generation. Worship has been her foundation in her life.

amazing grace cruz

At 23, Amazing Grace Cruz is a brilliant mind, with a keen sense for leadership. Cruz also has a huge heart for orphaned children and dedicated most of her youth to care for them.

Cruz has a strong calling in the area of prayer and worship, and she has a passion to raise the next generation of leaders both in the sphere of ministry and in the secular world.

Amazing Grace Cruz has travelled across 30 nations, worked with more than 10 ethnic groups as a head administrator of operations for a non-profit organizations. Amaze has worked on multiple international committees and even spearheaded international events.

A little flashback For Name of Amazing Grace
Amazing Grace Cruz’s parents gave birth to a baby girl, before Amazing Grace Cruz was born. But that baby girl was born with a heart condition.

They prayed day and night after reaching every hospital they could. Her mom went on her knees the day after giving birth just praying for the life of their first precious little one. Meanwhile, with a heavy heart, her parents left the hospital and reached home to the devastating news that their house owner had thrown their belongings on the streets as they hadn’t paid their rent.

When her parents started their journey together, they had very little support as they’d just come out of the Catholic faith. In other words, they were outcasts. During those hard days, her parents had adopted six kids from the leprosy community, which made people hate them even more as those children were considered untouchables.

With broken hearts, not knowing where to go, and a newborn baby, they attended church that evening. An American preacher, preached a sermon “The Amazing Grace’’, and that’s how it came to be. Every word meant so much for the season they had been walking through, that the word came alive in their hearts. That evening, after hearing about the amazing grace and love of the Father, they named newborn baby, Amazing Grace.

With hopes in their hearts, they kept running between hospitals finding a solution to her sister’s disease. Their last option was to drive five hours to a Christian mission hospital (CMC- Vellore). As they walked into the hospital, right at the entrance was a tiny chapel where they stood to say a prayer. But right after praying, they saw a sculpture of a Bible that said “Amazing Grace” on it instead of The Holy Bible. They wept. As they kept praying, the Lord asked them to give the child unto Him and promised to bless them with one more baby. With broken hearts, yet knowing the heart of God, they surrendered her sister [ Amazing Grace – newborn baby ] as the treatments were no longer helping her.

Within a year’s time, Cruz was born. Technically, She is Amazing Grace II. But yes, She is the promise of God in the lives of her parents. And that’s the history of Amazing Grace Cruz name.

Some Words From Amazing Grace Cruz
Your weakness, your brokenness, your rejection, is someone’s blessing. Who you are today, might not match the standards of the society, but that’s what makes you special. Every child, this world considered as trash, became my treasure.

“But God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise; God chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong.” (1Cor 1:27)

Neer Elladha Nallellam and Kakkum Valla Meetpar Songs by Amazing Grace Cruz

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AMAZING GRACE!! i was wondering who would name their child , just picking a line off a song … it made sense when i read the testimony, it brought tears ! every night i keep the TV on and play worship song streaming thru you tube, two nights before i woke up around 2,230 am and this song was playing Nee elladha …, i just couldnt go back to sleep until the song was over for two reasons 1) i love the song coz its an old hymn 2) the voice of this beautiful woman of God, never heard of… Read more »

This is truly useful, thanks.