About Joy Christians

Welcome to Joy Christians. Joy Christians is the one of the leading christian media that giving best content to the Christian people. The bible says "Shall Know The Truth, The Truth Shall Make Free". Some people are trying to hide truth by different types of preaching, but you should know one thing 'The truth always truth', no one can not hide truth, because god is truth. We uploading the truth by videos, testimony, short messages, posters on social medias.

Our Goal
Our primary goal is giving the best content to the christian people. Now people are spending their most time with online, many times online updates, news articles are redirecting us from the presence of god. We uses the same social medias to bring back people to the presence of the god.

A Short Message from Admin
The end time is coming. Do not run behind this world. Put god first in your life. Spending time with God is the only way to escape from the lust in this world. This world will offer you many thing that may be separate you from the god. Spending your time with God using your smart phone. Read bible and meditate. Watch christian messages, testimony videos and inspiring christian videos.

Today media is the powerful tool to connect the people with god. Please support this ministries and join with Joy Christians to glorify the lord who crated us.

~ Admin ( Joy Christians )

success is always the result of following the leading of the holy spirit

~Kenneth E Hagin